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PDSS - Work with Parents

We are an integral part of a multi-agency approach. We work collaboratively with all those working with children and young people with PD to develop confidence and skills to ensure a fully inclusive educational experience.

We work in close partnership with parents and carers of CYP with PD at every stage of their education. We have strong links with a wide range of local and national community groups and organisations in the voluntary sector.

We are proud of our relationships with families where we provide continuity and consistency throughout all stages of a child's education.

Support includes the following:

  • Signposting for out of school activities/extended visits.
  • Support with statutory processes and transition.
  • Disability/peer awareness support, eg. assemblies, workshops.
  • Multi-agency links
  • Voluntary sector links
  • Targeted support groups.
  • Special events.

See our Resources page for links to useful websites in relation to the above.