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PDSS - Resources and Information

Here are just a few of our favourite resources which make life much easier and should be readily available in every setting.

Equipment and Materials

Dycem - this is non slip material which can be placed under books or paper to prevent slipping, or even on a chair to stop a child from sliding about!. It is best used with a pupil who has limited hand/arm function.

  • Nottingham Rehab Supplies.
    Tel: 0845 121 8111 (external link)

Scissors - there is a wide choice of specialist training scissors and spring loaded scissors (wonderful and self motivating for older pupils) in the catalogues. The most comprehensive range is available from:

Rulers - fingergrip rulers are made of clear plastic with a raised bar along the central spine, making it easier to hold, giving added control. These are available from most catalogues and stationers. Everyone should have one!

My First Ruler - LDA produce a ruler, with a large easy-grip crocodile handle, that has been specially designed for small hands and pupils with co-ordination difficulties.

Sloping Writing Surface - the use of a sloping writing surface promotes good posture and positioning whilst writing and drawing. For many children it makes writing a far more comfortable activity and there is a noticeable improvement in their work. There are several versions of a sloping writing surface available commercially, such as from Ikea or:

Postura Chairs - these inexpensive chairs are very well designed and are extremely comfortable. Highly recommended for all shapes and sizes, they come in a wide range of sizes and colours for children and staff. They are readily available in all good catalogues.

Pencils and Erasers – Faber-Castell GRIP range: textured non-slip pencils, crayons, felt tips and erasers which have an ergonomic triangular shape with black ‘grip’ dots. These are brilliant!

Useful Websites

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Community Paediatric Physiotherapy Enquiries: 0121 465 4279 or 0121 466 5960
  • Community Paediatric Occupational Therapy Enquiries: 0121 465 8551
  • Orthotics Department Birmingham Children’s Hospital: 0121 333 9480

Useful Documents