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14 to 19 Department



As students move into the 14 to 19 department, we work closely with them and their families to ensure that the transition from KS3 is as smooth as possible.


In the 14 -19 department staff and students begin to relate to each other in an age appropriate more adult environment. We are very serious about the work we do and want all our students to take as much responsibility for their own lives as possible. Making things happen for themselves rather than letting things happen to them.


The curriculum offered is differentiated for pupils of all abilities, providing a progression route from the early Milestones and Entry 1 working through to Entry 3 and a if appropriate Level one and Level two qualifications..


The timetable is designed to meet each student’s educational and therapeutic needs and to broaden their life experience. A selection will be taken from the ‘menu’ of opportunities to build a timetable that is appropriate for each student’s needs and abilities.




Our Curriculum is planned to suit the needs of our students and is differentiated by outcomes. We do follow broad themes which are used as the basis for our teaching and the students learning. These themes are as follows:


  • Communication/Literacy
  • Sensory/Cognitive/Numeracy/ICT
  • PSHCE inc. Independence skills, Physical well being and Work Related Learning
  • Creativity and Leisure
  • Science and Outdoor Learning and Sports
  • Cultural, ethical and spiritual awareness, Humanities and RE




There is a change in focus towards a curriculum that extends, generalises and applies students existing skills within functional everyday contexts. All students will follow accredited courses that challenges and recognises their achievements. The accreditation path the student follows is dependent on their abilities and the courses offered may vary depending on the cohort of students in the year group. These may include:


  • ASDAN Personal Progress
  • ASDAN Personal, Social Development
  • Functional Skills in Numeracy and Literacy, at Entry level or higher
  • BTEC in Home Cooking
  • Entry Level Science
  • The Arts Award
  • Sports Leaders Award
  • Forest Schools Award
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award




There is a greater emphasis on work related leaning through termly Enterprise Days and sales of work, an In-house cafe, volunteering and fund raising.


We hold an Annual World of Work day which give students the experience of a wide variety of different occupations for example Local Radio, Fire Brigade and There are also opportunities for work place visits, work experience, travel training, college taster courses, college visits and transitions.


Moving On


We facilitate regular meetings with families, social services and Further Education to arrange appropriate provision for our students when they leave school.


Preliminary visits and a period of transition are arranged when possible.


Education and medical teams consult post school providers to support students and ensure a smooth transition from school.

Picture 1 ASDAN unit in 'Caring for Animals'.
Picture 2 Buying items in a shop.
Picture 3 Enjoying 'hand class'.
Picture 4 Fundraising for Red Nose Day.
Picture 5 Outdoor education.
Picture 6 Preparing food.
Picture 7 Voting in the School Council election.
Picture 1

Producing plants for sale

as part of the

Enterprise scheme.

Picture 1

Students use a range

of technology to suit

their learning styles.