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14 to 19 Department

The 14-19 Department. 


The young people in the 14-19 department begin to take stock of all they have achieved throughout their school careers and start to look to the future in preparation for life beyond Victoria School. We continue to take a multidisciplinary approach working in partnership with school nurses, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, our young people and their families. Therapies are an integral part of the 14-19 curriculum. During EHCP meetings the focus shifts towards considering and implementing transitions to future placements. 


Our curriculum celebrates achievement by offering challenging, meaningful accredited courses for all of our young people to undertake including the nationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. At the end of the key stage our young people are invited to attend The Prom. This is always an emotional event where we marvel at the achievements our young people have made and wish them all the very best for their future endeavours. 


The curriculum promotes independence and vocation for all through weekly enterprise activities where our young people are able to work with other students and staff not usually in their group. Our young people lead the lesson activities to create, package, market and sell products within school. We extend and generalise our young people's vocational/independence skills through our annual World of Work day and our summer Festival experience.


The young people in the 14-19 department have a wide range of needs which we cater for through three distinct pathways. 


The IMPACTS Pathway.

This pathway caters for students who benefit from an individual, developmental, sensory curriculum. Most of our young people are working on this pathway. There are five curriculum areas; Communication, Cognitive Skills, Personal Social and Emotional Wellbeing, Physical Skills and Environmental Control Technology. Our young people are challenged through ten cross curricular outcomes across the five areas which feed into EHCP targets reviewed annually. We value personalised learning as our learners need activities which develop their own interests and enjoyment in order to reach their potential as young adults. Young people on the IMPACTS pathway undertake accredited courses in our bespoke AQA Unit Award Scheme “Preparing for Leisure.” This gives them a taste of fifteen engaging leisure activities which they may go on to pursue when they leave our setting. A small number of young people from this group may also undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.    


The PEEL (Pre-Exam Entry Level) Pathway.

This curriculum caters for students who benefit from an academic/vocational curriculum reflecting the statutory requirements for key stage four but who are not yet ready to sit formal examinations. Key areas are English, Maths, Science, ICT and The Arts where our young people complete bespoke AQA Unit Award Schemes and PSHE where our students complete ASDAN PSD modules. In key stage five students will undertake vocational AQA Unit Award Schemes whilst completing internal work experience with the potential for external work experience if they are ready. We value the development of independence and social and emotional wellbeing for our young people working on this pathway and so a buddies system has been set up with children from our Primary department. The students are part of Explorer Scouts and complete a Young Leader Award as part of this program. Some of these young people may also undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. 


The Vocational Pathway.

This curriculum challenges our young people who are ready to follow an academic/vocational pathway and sit exams in the key stage four statutory subjects. These can include functional skills in English, Maths, Science and ICT, BTEC home cooking and music, Arts Award, Sports Leaders and ASDAN PSD. Most young people working on this pathway will also undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. At key stage five our focus is vocational and young people take options with internal and external work experience and courses in ASDAN Employability and AQA Unit Award Scheme attached to their chosen vocational option. We also aim to develop travel training skills so that our young people can become independent in their travel to work or college in the future.  



We begin to work towards a smooth transition into 14-19 from Key Stage 3 in the summer term of year nine. Year nine students are invited to attend our Festival experience as well as attending the whole school transition morning. Information about the department is shared with families and they are welcome to come in and see the department. Staff are given time to share important information about each young person moving into the department.  


During Key Stage 5 we work towards a positive transition from school with the young person and their family. This will include visits and tours around colleges and social day care providers. Our independent careers and transition advisor Dave Hooley attends all EHCP reviews from Year 9 onwards to provide the necessary advice and support. We also put on a Transition Morning each year for the parents of students in Years 12 and 13, along with colleges, charities and social care providers.


The majority of our young people stay at Victoria School until they are 19, where students leave early, we implement the work around positive transitions early.


If you would like more information about our 14-19 Department or would like to arrange a visit please call the main school office and ask to speak to Lauren Orchard. (14-19 Key Stage Manager).