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Working Together for Success


Lesson 1

Bigger and bigger...Smaller and smaller

You will need....




First Activity

Play the music below.

1) Blow the bubbles for your child.

Can you make a really big bubble, by blowing very slowly?

Can you blow lots of tiny bubbles, by holding the bubble wand on it's side and blowing very fast?

Do they notice the bubbles moving?

Can they track them?

Can they reach to pop them?

Do they anticipate more being blown? 

Second Activity

Play the music below.

1) You will need the balloons.

Show a balloon to your child before it is blown up, help them to feel it, hold it, stretch it. 

Can you blow it up slowly against their cheek,  so they can feel it growing (make sure it doesn't pop!). 

Now tie it up.

Hold it against their cheek and touch your mouth against the balloon. As you talk through the balloon they should be able to feel the vibration  through the balloon with their cheek and hand. 

Now put a new balloon under their hands. 

Blow this up so that they can feel it gradually growing. 

You might then like to let the air out, so they feel it gradually getting smaller and realise that their hand is getting lower and lower!