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Working Together for Success


Lesson 1

Messy shapes! 


What you will need:

Find objects of different shapes in your house, they could be all circles, all squares, or a mixture of shapes. 

Find a tray and into this put some messy materials, e.g. oats,  flour, warm water,  rice, shaving foam, ground coffee, cornflakes, jelly,  (if you are feeling brave!).

What to do 

Whilst listening to the music, spend time  really noticing the materials in front og you.

Can you reach for it?

Can you grasp it?

Can you notice how it feels?

Do you like it?

Can you anticipate it falling down into the tray?


Can you notice the shapes in the materials?

Can you locate them?

Can you pick them up?

Can you make them move a little within the materials?