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Working Together for Success


Body Percussion

I can...

Develop my listening skills

Develop my awareness of body sounds 

Begin to develop my understanding of key body parts 

Have fun!

I've got a body a very busy body....

Play the music and sing along- choose different body parts!


 I’ve Got a body, a very busy body,

And it goes everywhere with me!

And on my body, I’ve got some hands,

And they go everywhere with me!


With a clap, clap here, clap, clap there,

Clap, clap , clap , clap everywhere!

I’ve got a body, a very busy body,

And it goes everywhere with me! 

(head/ nod- feet/ stamp-eyes/ blink- fingers/ wiggle- hair/ brush- nose/ sniff- nose/ atishoo- tummy/ tickle- knees/ tap - arms/ up down- mouth/ kiss etc)