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Careers Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

For further information on our Careers Programme see the information below. if you have any specific questions please contact Andrew Middleton - Assistant Head teacher who will be pleased to help you. Andrew can be contacted by email on or by telephone on the main school number 0121 476 9478.

Our Careers Programme


Our programme starts in Key Stage 3 where all pupils learn about the different careers of people around them through ASDAN New Horizons. Due to the nature of the needs of some of our pupils, this will be through sensory exploration, for others it will be more formal learning activities and practical experiences.

In Key Stage 4 and 5 pupils continue to learn about careers at an appropriate level. All pupils take part in a ‘World of Work Day’ where external visitors lead sessions about a variety of careers. Some students experience the sensory aspects of careers and the equipment and objects involved, other pupils help the visitors lead the sessions.

In Key Stage 5 some of our students complete ASDAN Employability Accreditation at Entry Level 3 or Level 1 and complete AQA Unit Awards in vocational options that they make.

All of our students in Key Stage 4 & 5 with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties complete AQA Unit Awards accreditation in ‘Preparation for Leisure’ which aims to develop student’s skills and give them experiences of leisure activities which is much more appropriate than careers accreditation.

All students in Key Stage 4 & 5 take part in weekly, mixed lessons which focus on short enterprise projects. These are then sold by students in various ways around school which develops skills in retail.

Some of our students in Key Stage 4 & 5 contribute to the ‘Victoria Café’. Some students help to prepare food items during the week – helping to develop cookery skills and knowledge of health and safety. The food items are then sold to students, staff and visitors at a weekly café run by students who undertake various roles in the catering sector.

 In Key Stage 5 some  students complete an internal work experience placement in Year 12 and an external work experience placement in Year 13. Ideally both should relate to the vocational options that students have made. After identifying where they would like to complete their work experience, pupils write letters of application and attend any interviews they are offered. Placements last for half a day for between 4 and 6 weeks.For those students where this process is not appropriate, alternative provision will be made where possible, such as one off placements, supported placements and internal work related experience in and around school.

Pupils, parents, teachers and employers may access information about the careers programme on the school website and through the Work Related Learning Policy.

This new strategy was introduced from 2017 and we hope it will equip our students with the knowledge, skills and experience to positively contribute to society in the future. This may be through paid employment or volunteering their time. We will track the destinations of our leavers for 5 years and adapt our strategy if needed.

Photos of Students on Work Experience