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COVID-19 Catch Up Premium 2020-21

How the Grant will be spent:

The COVID-19 Catch Up Premium will be used to subsidise the salary cost of two teaching assistants.

The role of one is  to assist in the hydrotherapy pool, and in the event that the hydrotherapy pool being closed, to assist with physical positioning and exercise for our pupils with physical disability.

The role of the other  is to assist in delivering literacy supports across Key Stage 1 and 2.


Effect on Attainment:

1. The additional support following periods of absence due to national/regional lockdown, illness, isolation and shielding will enable pupils to retain/regain their physical strength, coordination and range of movement after periods of time without access to regular physiotherapy and positioning in equipment such as standers and walking frames.


2. Literacy support, together with blended teaching will enable pupils to retain and develop their literacy skills during periods of national / regional lockdown, illness, isolation and shielding.



1. Upon return to school, children's range of movement, and strength will be assessed by the NHS Physiotherapists.Class staff  will make observational assessment of pupils' coordination skills during PE and movement lessons.


2. Pupils, knowledge of phonics, ability to write, decoding, reading and comprehension of written information in different genres will be assessed by testing and teacher observation.