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De-escalation Videos

Sometimes our children can display challenging behaviour. Now more than ever, for some of our children, the world is a difficult place to understand. Their normal routines have become disrupted and they may be experiencing higher levels of anxiety.

Behaviour has a function, and there could be a number of reasons for it. These may include difficulty in processing information, unstructured time, over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity to sensory stimuli, a change in routine, transition between activities, or physical reasons like feeling unwell, tired or hungry. Not being able to communicate these difficulties can lead to anxiety, anger and frustration, and then to an outburst of challenging behaviour.


We have compiled a series of videos that you can access that may help with de-escalation and help our children to manage their own anxieties. We hope you find these useful.

NCH&C Starfish+ Introduction and Limited Choice

Meet Sam Galloway who works at NCH&C's Starfish+ team, a crisis, therapeutic and intervention support team for children with learning disabilities across Nor...

Consistency, Structure + Routine

This video from Starfish+ discusses how to maintain a sense of normality and routine with your children during this time of crisis and change. The four links...

Limited Communication

Here Sam from NCH&C Starfish+ team talks about limited communication to keep things simple and scripted for added reassurance for young children with learnin...

Reflect, Repair, Restore

Here Sam from NCH&C Starfish team talks about an important tip to help to rebuild and repair a relationship after an incident with your child in crisis.

Roots + Fruits

Our expert from Starfish+, Sam, talks about a respected technique to help young children understand how their negative and positive routines causes their rea...

Visual Timetables, Now + Next

Here Sam discusses how to create either a simple visual timetable throughout the week or Now & Next boxes to support your child with routine during the Co-Vi...

Body Positioning

Here our NCH&C Starfish+ team offer some expert advice to carers and parents about how we can adapt our body positioning and posture so as not to look threat...

Sensory Integration

Here Sam from NCH&C Starfish team talk about how Sensory Integration can help stimulate your children during the Co-Vid outbreak.

Comfort Supportive Hug, Offering Arm + Ending

Here our NCH&C Starfish+ team conclude with useful advice on how to help alleviate anxieties of young people by reducing the use of language and utilise the ...