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Fun with popcorn, click here for the activity...

Activity 1

Explore the uncooked popcorn in a bowl.

Can you feel it?

Can you move it with your fingers?

Can you feel it dropping onto you hand?

Listen to this gentle music as you explore...

Music to explore to...

Activity 2

Cut a circle out of old paper, enough to cover a plastic cup.

Add some unpopped corn, 

cover with the paper, and hold the paper on with a rubber band (or tape).

Now hold and shake the cup... what does it sound like?

Activity 3

Now get an adult to pop some of the corn, in a lidded pan with a spoon of oil.

WHEN IT IS COLD put some into the wooden bowl and explore it.. see how it has changed?

Can you smell it?

Can you grasp it?

Activity 4

Now make another shaker, with the popped corn. 

Shake it and see if it sounds the same or different to your first shaker?

Activity 5

Have fun with your shakers, play along to the music with your family! 

Popcorn Original Song

No copyright infringement intended.