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Giant dice counting activity

Make your own dice counting activity


There are 2  versions of this game; 1 with just 1 dice, the other using 2 dice

If you are only using 1 dice each number corresponds with an activity.  You perform the activity the same number of times as the number you rolled.  Here are some examples:

1 - Eat 1 crisp

2 - Clap your hands 2 times

3 - Put 3 pom poms into a bowl/throw 3 beanbags into a bucket etc

4 - 4 squirts of a water pistol!

5 - Stack 5 bricks

6 - roll again but double the score this time (so if you roll 4 you get 8 squirts of a water pistol!)


If you are using 2 dice 1 dice can be for the action and 1 could be for the number of times to do that action.  For example on the action dice you roll "eat a crisp" then on the number dice you roll a eat 6 crisps!  Don't cheat!