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Home Learning Photos


Lilly-May has had a lovely week! She has enjoyed the gruffalo story and has even been on her very own gruffalo hunt. Fantastic Lilly-May!
Kanae has had a lovely week, spending time in her garden. She has been on a scavenger hunt, enjoyed making more sensory bottles and has done some fantastic baking! Well Done Kanae!
Mason has had a fab week and really enjoyed the Gruffalo story and making his Gruffalo mask. He has had fun mark making, making a sensory bag and especially making a fruity smoothie! Super Mason!


Kanae has had fun making and exploring her sensory bag full of flowers from the garden and playing different musical instruments at home.


Mason had a fantastic time on his outdoors scavenger hunt with his family.


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Kanae has really enjoyed making and playing with her sensory bottle.
Kanae has had a lovely week, creating her own sensory flower bottle. She has added lots of beautiful flowers and glitter to her bottle. She has also be completing some mark making pictures using toilet rolls to create flower stamps and making play dough butterflies. Great work Kanae!


Lilly-May has been really busy trying lots of different fun activities at home. She has being using small switches, enjoying water play and completing a scavenger hunt in the garden looking for mini beasts. Lilly-May has completed different mark making activities, and made a lovely hand print hungry caterpillar. She has been enjoying the beautiful sunshine and made a lovely little greenhouse. Lilly-May has always mastered eating finger foods. Amazing Lilly-May!


Kanae has had a lovely week at home, spending time in her paddling pool, which she loves! Doing some hand print painting to make the hungry caterpillar, sorting objects into a bowl and even playing with her target and ball game. Super Kanae!

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Kanae has had a great start back to the summer term. She has been busy doing hand painting to create the hungry caterpillar, playing in the paddling pool with her brother, sorting objects and putting them into a bowl and best of all practicing her makaton signing! Amazing Kanae!

🌸 Gabriella 🌸

Gabriella has had a fabulous half-term break and especially enjoyed her 7th Birthday! Gabriella has also been trying to stand a lot more at home, which is great. Fantastic Gabriella!

🌸 Kanae 🌸

Kanae has had a wonderful half-term holiday, enjoying the lovely weather outdoors, spending time with her brothers and practicing her walking. Super Duper Kanae!

🌼 Kanae 🌼

Kanae has enjoyed the finally weekly challenge of this term 'Jack and the beanstalk'. She has made a tall tower just like the beanstalk, her own musical instrument, just like the golden harp found in the clouds and her own princess castle, which is so wonderful. Well Done Kanae, amazing work!

☀️ Mason ☀️

Mason has had a fab week, working on his grasp, holding lots of different objects. He also enjoyed going on his scavenger hunt and found a very tall tree and lots of lovely ducks. Fantastic Mason!

☀️ Kanae ☀️

✨ Mason ✨

Mason has had a busy week finishing off his crazy hair trolls, finding and exploring circular objects and making some salt dough. It is great to see you in all your physio equipment, Wonderful work Mason!

✨ Emmylou ✨

Emmylou has completed another fun activity at home. She has listened to and watched the Cinderella story, and made some salt dough mice. Fantastic Emmylou!

✨ Kanae ✨

Kanae has had another wonderful week completing lots of different activities with her brothers. She has made a fairy godmother’s wand, experienced salt dough and made a glitter sensory bottle. Super work Kanae!

Kanae has also celebrated her 6th birthday on Wednesday (We hope you had a fabulous birthday!) and the 75th anniversary of VE day on Friday.

🌈 Mason 🌈

Mason has had another fun week. He is continuing to work on using both of his switches, to make choices, what a great achievement! He is also enjoying time on his physio equipment, his wedge is his favourite. Excellent Mason!

🌈 Lilly-May 🌈

Lilly-May has had a fun week dressing up as film characters and completing Peter Pan and Trolls art activities, which look fab. Super Work Lilly-May!

🌈 Kanae 🌈

Kanae has had a fun week completing more summer topic activities and some Peter Pan challenges. Fantastic costume and exploring of light and heavy toys. Brilliant Kanae!

⭐️ Emmylou ⭐️

Emmylou has enjoyed this weeks Peter Pan story challenge. She has built a den like the Lost boys, explored light like Tinkerbell and had fun playing in the sand. Super Well Done Emmylou!

⭐️ Kanae ⭐️

Kanae has been working hard on her summer topic activities making crazy troll hair for her troll friends and for herself and completing lovely art activties. She has been practicing her walking using her frame and playing in the garden with her brother. What a wonderful rainbow display, fantastic Kanae!

⭐️ Mason ⭐️

Mason has been working hard over the Easter holidays using his switches, completing mark making activities and going on lovely spring walks with his family. Super work Mason!