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Welcome to J6's Home learning page.

We hope that you will find the ideas and videos here useful whilst your child is at home.




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Each Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 10.00 am 

Weekly Home Learning in J6 

Monday 6th July


Task 1 - Maths games

Task 2 - Counting: Can you count in 2's up to 20? Write the numbers on a piece of paper and get someone to check them for you.


Task 1 - Words of home: Think of words that mean 'home' to you. How many can you write down?

Task 2 - Writing repeater: Now write some of your lovely words from Task 1 using this 'Writing Repeater' website game - how's that letter formation looking?


Tuesday 7th July


Task 1 - Shape up:

Task 2 - Counting: Can you count in 5's up to 50? Write the numbers on a piece of paper and get someone to check them for you.


Task 1 - I'm still hungry: Find another unopened tin of your food (ask an adult to help you). Draw the label on a piece of paper. Draw it quite large and include as much detail as you can, copying the writing.

Task 2 - Even more new ideas: Use your brilliant imagination to design your own label for this can of food. What are you going to call it? What does it look like? Is it healthy? Why is it good for you? Do you like eating it?


Wednesday 8th July


Task 1 - Curved or straight?:

Task 2 - Coin ordering:


Task 1 - Foam phonemes:

Task 2 - What's the story?: Can you write two or more sentences about what you have missed about school. If you haven't missed anything you can write about what you haven't missed about school! Remember to use capital letters and full stops.


Thursday 9th July


Task 1 - Counting: Can you count in 10's up to 100? Write the numbers on a piece of paper and get someone to check them for you.

Task 2 - Basketball Place Value:


Task 1 - Finish my sentence: I am looking forward to being in my new class because...

Task 2 - I have a question: Write down a question you would like to ask your teacher when we come back to school. Remember that a question needs a question mark.


Friday 10th July

Task 1 - Coming soon!

Task 2 - Coming soon!

Useful websites used in J6   Video Counting with John Farnworth (this is great for all pupils)   Videos (KS1 Maths songs)  Videos (KS1 English songs)  Video (Phase 3 Tricky word song)  Video (Phase 2 Tricky word song) Game (Number facts bingo)   Phonics from phase 2 to phase 5 with lots fun interactive games  Online curriculum games 

Dear all J6 children, Homework is now set for you all on Education City. Just use your login details to access lots of exciting homework challenges and games. Good luck everyone and I look forward to tracking your progress. Thanks Jonathan