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Working Together for Success


LOR (Lauren)

LOR greeting song.

Every morning we cue our students into their lesson activities with this hello song. If you are being schooled from home then you could also use it before you start your daily activities.

LOR handwashing song.

We are washing our hands very often in school! This is the song we use to prepare our students for this activity. You could also use it at home when handwashing.

You may like to choose activities from each of the folders below which cover our curriculum across the week. The young people in LOR thrive when lessons are repeated lots of times. They will become more engaged in the activities with time. Watch for signs of anticipation, respond to interactions and most of all enjoy yourselves! Well done for all your efforts at home, you are all doing wonderfully and you are all amazing! 

LOR goodbye song.

We use this in LOR at the end of the days activities. You could use this at home to mark the end of your days work.