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Every other week I will be adding a new Math's activity for your child to complete smiley

Let's Get Fit

This is J5's favourite counting song! Count all the way up to 100 whilst doing fun exercises.

Week Commencing the 29th June 2020

Have a go at this number worksheet focused on sharing food equally at a teddy bears picnic. There is also a worksheet focused on counting certain numbers of pets and writing a final number.

Week Commencing the 15th June 2020

Have a go at this number booklet focused on number formation. There is also an ice cream worksheet focused on counting money smiley

Week Commencing the 1st June 2020

Have a go at these shape activities smiley

Week Commencing the 11th May 2020

Have a go at this ordering activity, order the pictures from smallest to biggest.

Week Commencing the 27th April 2020

Have a go at these counting activities, ask your child which group they are in (Zog, Gruffalo or Supertato) so that you can choose a suitable level of ability or have a go at both smiley