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This half term we are looking at musicals. Now, I know musicals are not really your thing but I think I've found some that you might actually like if you give them a chance. We will start with some of the older ones, and then move through to the more modern ones. Remember how we looked at the ways music changes a scene in a film or advert? Think about that as you listen to the musicals. If you or your family have a favourite musical, please let me know.


Week 5

This week we are taking a break from musicals and going to look at a different musical style - grime :). Below is some facts and figures about Stormy. The activity sheet is in 3 different levels but most of you should be ale to complete the 3 start level. Answers for parents to check work only please. Enjoy !!!!





Week three/four

This half term I am going to share with you some of my favourite musicals. They are not your typical musicals, and some are quite dark and noisy. I like musicals which change the way you feel, or make you think about things. This module should help you understand how music changes the mood or guides the plot in a show.


Activity - This week I would like you to go onto YouTube and listen to a few of the songs from Chess - one of my all time favourites. Think about the way the music suggests what might be happening in the musical. Is it happy?, will something bad happen? are the people singing happy? Email me your thoughts.