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parents/pupils sharing page

Please feel free to use this page to keep us all updated on what's going on at home. Maybe a new pet, or you've found some fun family activities you would like to share with other parents in the group. Anything you wish to add can be emailed to us on

History and science this week

Aarons work on habitats
Aarons history work on The Wright Brothers
Cartoon strips for Kians History of Flight work
Cartoon strips for Kians History of Flight work

Some of the history work coming back from our students. Well done :)

Demi did a timeline to show the History of Flight
Kians great timeline work

History week 3 - keep it coming, some amazing work being done

More work on The Wright Brothers and aeroplanes

Kian trying out his paper plane
Using junk to make a plane
Great answers in the fact finding worksheet

work on supporting charities for our 'Making sense of money' topic

Great work Paula
Paula chose BCH