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Salt dough flower medallion

Salt dough is so easy to make and you can do so many things with it.  With this activity all you need is some flowers and leaves from your garden or from a walk in the park.  

* Following the recipe make some dough and roll a ball out to make a circle, not too big because the bigger it is the easier it will be to crack or break it when it's dry

* Explore your flowers and leaves, talk about the colours, how do they smell?

* Press them into the salt dough, either with your fingers or with a rolling pin.  You could coat the surface of the salt dough with PVA if you have it to make the flowers and leaves stick better.

* Use a pencil to put a hole near the top of the medallion so you can hang it up when it's dry

* Leave it in a safe place to dry on a bit of kitchen roll or newspaper ( a windowsill is good but not in direct sunlight as it could crack

* When it's dry (it'll take a few days) you can either varnish it or paint with PVA.  If you don't have either just leave it as it is.