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"Working Together for Success"

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Victoria School

Working Together for Success


School Council

Our School Council has been active in Victoria School since 2002. We have representatives from Key Stages 2, 3 ,4 and 5.


We hold annual election campaigns and councillors are elected by secret ballot using photographic voting forms. Councillors then elect a chairperson and a deputy. The School Council meet regularly. The agenda and minutes are written in words and symbols.


It is our job to help to make our school a better place. We tell staff if we think something could be changed for the better or if there is something we are not happy with. We then talk about it and try and sort it out.


We have written the School Rules, discussed School Uniform, helped to improve playground equipment and activities. We have pushed for improvements to the school building and the grounds. We spoke to our local MP about the changes to school meals and we are working towards having an Eco-school.


We sometimes meet with Cherry Oak School Council to plan joint events and we help to organise things like school discos and raising money for charity. We run a Fun Day every summer for the whole school.

At election time, students vote and put their paper in the ballot box.


The Returning Officer stamps each voting sheet, counts the votes and makes

sure there is no cheating!

School Councillors meeting our local MP.


Our annual Fun Day is organised by the

Council to raise money for charity.