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Victoria School

"Working Together for Success"

School Logo

Victoria School

Working Together for Success


School Tour

Picture 1 Standing Stones
Picture 2 The Dome
Picture 3 Food Technology Room
Picture 4 Studio
Picture 5 A Key Stage 3 Classroom
Picture 6 Science Room
Picture 7 School Library
Picture 8 Part of the Senior Playground
Picture 9 Primary Quad
Picture 10 Nursery
Picture 11 Music Room
Picture 12 Sandpit
Picture 13 Infant Classroom
Picture 14 Main Office
Picture 15 Softplay Area
Picture 16 Main Entrance
Picture 17 Hydrotherapy Pool
Picture 18 Dining Area
Picture 19 School Hall
Picture 20 One of the Nurses' Rooms
Picture 21 Medical Entrance
Picture 22 Physio Treatment Room
Picture 23 The Snoezelen Room