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A Family's perspective

Jack graduated from Year 14 at Victoria School in July 2020. He was a student at Victoria School for 16 years.

His family sent us this message upon his graduation in the COVID-affected year of 2020 and agreed to share this beautiful video which chronicles Jack's time at Victoria School. We will miss you too Jack!


Dear all,


In these exceptional times it is with deep sadness that Jack ends his 16yrs at Victoria without him and us being able to say thank you in person for everything you have done to make him the exceptional young man that he is today. His achievements, the experiences and opportunities that you have given him are truly incredible. 


I can still remember the first day we walked into Victoria School for a walk around with Di and being initially a little daunted by it all. Thankfully that trepidation was very much alleviated by walking into Linda Sealy's Science lesson. She mistakenly thought that Di was on her own and proceeded to spray her with water from a syringe and got the children in class to join in. The look of shock on her face when she realised it was a Parent walk around was hilarious! ( now as a member of staff I find that even more hilarious! )  That moment was the deciding factor that Victoria was the place for Jack. It showed that it wasn't daunting or scary at all but a place of fun, happiness & joy. As a parent of a child with a disability that is all you truly want. For your child to have the joy of being a child.


There aren't really words that can express the gratitude or love that we have for Victoria and perhaps the highest praise that I can offer is that I chose to become a part of the family myself by becoming a member of staff and a long serving Governor. In many ways, you have helped to shape my life as much as Jack's.


We hope you're as Proud of Jack as we are and whilst Jack's journey is about to start anew we are not that easy to get rid of so we shall see you all again soon.


We hope you enjoy this short video as a token of our deepest thanks and appreciation.


Jack, Mark & Jacci


Thank You Victoria School