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Drama is delivered as a discrete timetabled subject in Upper School, and also it is often used in lessons across the curriculum to facilitate learning.


At Key stage 1 and 2 Drama is delivered by class teachers and assistants in rehearsals for productions, or across the curriculum within other sessions such as literacy, story telling in library sessions, role-play, speech therapy, history.


The Drama Studio was refurbished using Arts College funds in 2008; with new stage lighting, and a new sound system and PA system. The Drama studio is used for Drama lessons, rehearsals and performances, and related drama workshops with visiting professionals.


The Sensory drama room was also created seven years ago using Arts College funds. It is fully equipped with specialist lighting, UV light and blackout, Optibeam, Sound System and Projector. The room is used to create a magical Christmas Grotto every December, and then it is made into a set for multi-Sensory Drama each Spring Term when the whole school works on a shared Topic.


All pupils participate in a drama performance at least once in every key stage. KS1 and 2 alternate each year to perform the Christmas play; while KS3 work on a Spring or Summer production alternate years.


Visiting Professionals


Every pupil attends at least one visiting theatre company performance or session with a storyteller each year. The three companies who work with us each year use an immersive multi-sensory approach giving pupils access to the drama through visual stimuli, sounds and music, tactile props, aromas, and even tastes.


'Bamboozle' theatre company have been working with us for over nine years, delivering a PMLD production each January and an SLD Production in June. They have also delivered staff training sessions. See their website.


‘Interplay Theatre’, company deliver high quality Multi-Sensory Performances, and have delivered several for us over past years including ‘Precious Bane’ and‘Harold and Maude’ to upper school 

See their website.


We also have a long term partnership with Birmingham based Riverside Theatre Company, who have delivered Drama workshops, Assemblies, as well as Theatre Performances. Previous performances have been ‘Rainbow Fish’, ‘I am Special’ and ‘Elmer’ for lower school. See their website.


Over recent years we have worked regularly with ‘Image Musical Theatre Company’ who involve the audience through participation in the songs, choruses, and parts of the acting. They often use large puppets as props, so bringing the performance alive for pupils. Recent performances have been ‘Toms’ Midnight Garden’ and ‘The Selfish Giant’.

 See their website.


Classes have also worked with Richard Hayhow of ‘Open Theatre Company’ on mime and physical theatre, and Richard has also delivered staff training sessions. 

See their website.


We have also worked with students from Birmingham school of acting, and Sandwell College Drama department, who have delivered performances, and face painting sessions.




Dance is delivered as discrete modules within the PE curriculum, but movement and dance are used across all subjects, especially within music and drama lessons where relevant to the topic.


Pupils at Victoria school have attended many performances by professional Dancers and Dance companies with dances from many cultures; including dancers from Sampad, 'Chitraleka' dance company, The Dance Xchange, 'The Lions of Zululand', Japanese dancers, Spanish Flamenco Dancers, Greek Dancers, Belly Dancers.


Dance Club


Dance Club runs weekly during lunchtime. Pupils have performed at special events within school, for example ‘The Circle of Life’ Dance during our Africa Topic Day.


Dance Club often perform on special occasions throughout the school year.