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Working Together for Success


Uniform Information

Whenever possible we would like to encourage pupils to wear school uniform.


This consists of the following:


In the Primary Department:


  • A red sweatshirt
  • A red or white polo shirt
  • Grey trousers or skirt.


In the Secondary Department:


  • A navy sweatshirt
  • A navy or white polo shirt
  • Grey trousers or skirt.


Uniform Policy 2022-2025

Labelling clothes and other belongings

We strongly advise that you label everything that your child brings to school. It is much easier to reunite owners with their belongings if they are clearly labelled.


Shoes for splints


We have been approached by a number of families over the years and asked about suitable shoes and trainers to support students who wear AFOs and splints. It can be challenging to find shoes that accommodate the size of the splints, especially when specialist shoes have not been provided by the NHS physio teams. 

A parent has shared the link below, to a pair of trainers that they have found to be helpful and well fitting. These are not a requirement of the Uniform Policy, but you may find it useful.


Billy Footwear - Shoes For Special Needs Children | SpecialKids.Company


We have no affiliation with the company and purchases are made at your own discretion.