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Attendance/Absence Procedures

Whilst we all know that it is inevitable that children will have periods of illness during their time at school, it is essential that we look at ways to minimise this and the impact it has on achievement. Regular and punctual school attendance is essential – only pupils who attend school regularly can take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them.

Our aim is that every student should have the highest level of attendance possible, given the complex level of health need or disability. Whilst we understand that there may be exceptional circumstances for a small number of students who require complex care, we do expect all students to be in school when they are well and able to attend.


What is good attendance? All students should strive towards achieving at least 95% attendance. Once attendance drops to 90% your child is classed by the Department of Education as being ‘Persistently Absent’.


Attendance during one school year

Equates to number of days absent

Which is approximately this many weeks absent


9 days

2 weeks


19 days

4 weeks


29 days

6 weeks


38 days

8 weeks


Please see policy for National expectation;

Working together to improve school attendance (


What we do. 

At Victoria School, we have a duty of care, shared with the Local Authority, to challenge poor attendance. 

Attendance below 90% is considered poor. A student with attendance below 85% is of serious concern and may result in parents/carers being invited into school to discuss strategies to overcome any obstacles affecting regular attendance and punctuality. This can also help us to identify any ongoing medical problems or issues with school life and/or routine.  We are here to support and encourage all our students and by working together, in partnership, we can ensure their best interests. 


In cases of concern, a referral will also be made to the Education Welfare Service at Birmingham City Council for support. This may also include a referral to the Fast Track to Attendance programme.  Further information regarding this process can be found at: 

As a school we follow National guidance for school attendance and would ask parents to ensure they are aware of their own duty in ensuring their child receives the education they are legally entitled to. A copy of our School Attendance Policy along with useful links providing Parental guidance can be found below;


Government Policy ~ Parental responsibility for School Attendance 

Summary table of responsibilities for school attendance (


What parents can do. 

If your child is suffering from a minor ailment such as a cold or a cough please consider sending them to school. If a child is not able to attend school for any reason, please ensure that you inform the school by 9:30am. This should be done on each day of absence, with a clear reason, including any symptoms, in cases of illness.


With regards to holiday during term time, we do ask that you arrange holidays outside of term time – holidays will only ever be authorised by our Headteacher in exceptional circumstances. 


If you are concerned about your child’s attendance or would like support and advice please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Pastoral Team, who will be more than happy to offer help and assistance.


Kate Thompson, Pastoral Manager


Clare Whitelaw, Attendance & Admissions Clerk