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Green Spaces Phase One Opened July 2011


Over the last 10 years the outside areas has been transformed. All the funding has come from hard work and determination of our fundraisers.


In 2010 we won the the Big Lottery 'People's Millions', which meant we could complete the first phase. ITV News presenter Sameena Ali Khan launched the opening celebration on 20 July 2011 when over 200 people attended.


P{hase one is an Eden style outdoor learning space is centred around a large glass Solardome, surrounded by lawns and flower and vegetable gardens, paved terraces and pathways, and a stone circle, visually enhanced by artworks and willow sculptures.


The children and staff use this area both for learning and for leisure.


Children have worked with an organic gardener to grow vegetables, and worked  a willow dome with willow artist Tom Hares.


Victoria school has been taking measures to become 'greener', led by an Eco committee and have taken part in the ECO Award scheme.


A time capsule was buried under one of the standing stones in June 2011 to mark the completion of the building of Greenspaces - after a year of fundraising and winning £50,000 in the ITV Television 'People's Millions' contest.

With Thanks to our Sponsors


  • Awards for All (Big Lottery)
  • People's Millions (Big Lottery)
  • Arts College
  • BHSF
  • Bodenham Trust
  • Bright Space
  • Cabe
  • Chris Westwood Charity
  • Coventry Building Society
  • Darts Marathon
  • E D Cadbury Trust
  • EMI
  • Ernest Cook Trust
  • Eveson Trust
  • Friends of Victoria
  • John Feeney Trust
  • Grimitt Trust
  • Norton Trust
  • Richard Cadbury Trust
  • Sheldon Trust
  • Vincent Trust
  • W A Cadbury Trust
  • William Dean Trust
  • Woodlands Trust
  • Individual donations