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"Working Together for Success"

School Logo

Victoria School

Working Together for Success


Opening Times

The school day for pupils is 0900 to 1500 hours. (9am to 3pm) during term time.


Staff are on duty from 0850 until 0920 to welcome pupils into school.


In the afternoon, children begin boarding the first run of buses at 1500, When the first run has departed at about 1520, the remaining buses, taxis and parents can access the carpark to collect children until 1535.


This was originally planned to be a temporary arrangement while the new 14-19 wing was constructed. However, now that the job is complete, there is less parking and turning space than we had hoped. In addition NEAT (National Express Accessible Transport) who provide the majority of home-school transport to our site, is progressively renewing its fleet, with the newer buses being larger than those being replaced. Therefore,  it is not possible for all the buses to fit on-site at once in the afternoon. We will therefore have to retain the "double run" of buses in the afternoon.


The school office is open from 0800 to 1615  hours (8am to 4.15pm) during term time.


Staff are on duty to collect children arriving for school from 0850 each day and remain on duty until 1535 hours.