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The students are at the centre of all we do; each has an individualised timetable, communication and calendar system. We follow the internationally recognised Victoria MSI curriculum, developed by Dr Murdoch (2009). All information within the curriculum was accurate at time of printing.

The MSI curriculum is divided into eight domains, each addressing a specific aspect of learning. The domains are:

1. Social relationships and emotional development

2. Communication

3. Conceptual development

4. Sensory response

5. Understanding of time and place

6. Orientation, movement and mobility

7. Ownership of learning

8. Responses to routine and changes

New admissions are baselined against the eight areas of the curriculum, these along with ongoing assessment, create the building blocks for individualised session. Targets throughout the development phases, ensure that progression is both sequential in aspects of learning, and can demonstrate the spiky progression inherent to deafblind learners.

Each pupils’ timetable is planned to ensure a balance of learning activities. Students are given the opportunity to integrate with their peers in the main school where appropriate. Lessons are cross curricular to promote generalisation and to reduce the challenges of prompt and context dependency, which limits the learning of many deafblind students.

This approach allows for considerable flexibility in curriculum delivery. In turn this means that the Curriculum is appropriate for pupils with any combination of hearing, visual and other sensory impairments and does not, for example, limit the participation of pupils with no sight.