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The assessment within the MSI unit is focused on how students learn and especially on the development of effective learning and interaction skills. We promote a process-based, branching, learner-centred curriculum, with an emphasis on cross-curricular working. Our assessment system has been written specifically for deafblind learners to ensure that progression is sequential through Phase one to four.


Student progress is recorded through the eight areas of the Victoria MSI curriculum. These eight areas be have been mapped onto both the national curriculum and Education Heath Care Plans (EHCP).


Progression monitored daily using the “Good Books” (Formative) and within SOLAR (our electronic assessment system) at the end of half term (Summative). In addition we report on end of key stage attainment, Early Years Development Matters Statements 2020, and the Engagement Model.


Key Stage 4 and 5 learners complete individualised AQA units and work towards the EHCP targets of independent living, health, community inclusion and employability. To ensure that the quality of students achievement and progress data, we use teacher assessment on progress including triangulation of planning, teaching & learning and assessment.


Behaviour tracking systems allows us to map episodes of behaviour that may challenge against antecedents, successful strategies and events. Comprehensive behaviour profiles and, where appropriate, risk reduction along with positive handling plans are in place.