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"Working Together for Success"

School Logo

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Working Together for Success



Our nurses aim to work in partnership with children, parents, teachers and other professionals to meet the health needs of your child to help them to achieve their individual potential.


Health Screening

We work closely with the school doctor and arrange annual medicals to monitor your child's growth and development. This information is required for your child's Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).


Health Promotion

We co-ordinate and provide a childhood immunisation programme in school.



We work closely with parents, health professionals and education staff. We are available to discuss issues that concern you as parents, and can arrange to meet you if your child has any problems in school or at home.



We can refer or arrange referral to other agencies, such as social services for respite care, dieticians, psychologists/psychiatrists, physiotherapists and behavioural support nurses, to name but a few.



We assess children requiring continence products.


To Listen

To any concerns that you may have about your child's physical, mental and behavioural health. The information you discuss will be confidential, unless it is to the detriment of your child.


If you are unsure about what your nurse can offer you, your child and your family, please phone your nurse.


Contact our Senior Nurse, on the medical department telephone number: 0121 466 5983 or 0121 466 5984