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"Working Together for Success"

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Working Together for Success



At Victoria the curriculum is everything that promotes, impacts on, enriches and extends the learning, personal development and achievements of our pupils.


This incorporates all the experiences we plan and provide for our pupils, the people they interact with and the environments in which they both learn and play, formally and informally.


It builds sequentially on their prior and current levels of engagement, interests, experiences, knowledge, understanding, individual needs and skills.

As an all age school we are proud of having distinct, progressive and sequenced curricula at each of our Key Stages throughout school and also within our specialist Multi-Sensory Impairment (MSI) unit.


We are also proud to deliver subject-specific learning for our young people and therefore have specific curricula for each subject area written by our Subject Leaders. They have also completed case studies on identified pupils which highlights the intent, implementation and impact of their subject on our learners.


The Shared Goals (based on EHCP targets) further support the planning and delivery of the personalised curriculum for students across the school. The 4 areas focus on Communication & Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional & Mental Health and Sensory/Physical up to Year 8. From Year 9 these become Community Inclusion, Employability, Health and Independent Living (taken from PfA Framework).