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Inclusive Play Area

Greenspaces 3: Inclusive Play Area


The wheelchair inclusive Play Area was completed in September 2013.


There are three swings, including a wheelchair swing, a traditional swing, and a moulded seat swing. There is also a level access wheelchair roundabout, and some springer/rockers, and two wide embankment slides.


Importantly Phase 3 joined up the paths between Phases 1 and 2, and includes a 'walky-talky' tube, and a covered bike storage area.


The wheelchair pathways and terraces enjoyed the addition of a rock water feature and some new sculptures and willow works along the pathway.


The three Poppy Head Sculptures (by artist David Watkinson) were added in November 2013, and the Willow maze around the bubbling rock water feature was installed in February 2014.


Pupils have decorated some rocks with mosaic, to surround the water feature.

With Thanks to our Sponsors


  • For the Play Area:
  • Chris Westwood Charity
  • Tesco Charity
  • Saintbury Trust
  • Douglas Turner Trust
  • WA Cadbury Trust
  • Cook and Wolstenholme
  • George Fentham Trust
  • Michael Marsh Trust
  • Lifeline 4 Kids
  • Baily Thomas Fund
  • Waitrose Trust
  • True Colours Trust