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"Working Together for Success"

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Working Together for Success


School Staff

This is our school staff list for 2020/21:








Julie Fardell Executive Head Teacher of Federation / Head Teacher Victoria School / Deputy DSL
Pauline McKenna Strategic Business Manager of Federation
Andrew Middleton AHT - Teaching and Learning (Secondary) / Deputy DSL
Natalie Roberts AHT - Teaching and Learning (Primary) / Literacy Lead / Early Years Lead (part-time)
Diane Tate AHT / DSL / Pastoral Care Manager
Stephanie White AHT / Data & Pupil Progress Manager / Maths Lead/Pupil Premium Coordinator




Di Bromage Key Stage 3 Teacher / Geography & History Lead
Alex Cartwright Key Stage 2 Teacher, D&T Lead
Sue Facey Key Stage 3 Manager / Manual Handling Team  Leader/ Key Stage 3 Teacher
Jodie Glover Key Stage 1 Teacher
Kate Hale 14-19 Teacher / Food Technology Teacher / Literacy Lead (Secondary)
Caroline Harlan-Marks Key Stage 3 Teacher (part-time)
Laura Jackson 14-19 Teacher / ICT Lead
Raza Khan 14-19 Teacher / Art Lead
Jonathan Lejeune Key Stage 1 & 2 Manager / Key Stage 2 Teacher
Shannon Lenihan 14-19 Teacher
Jade McIntosh Key Stage 2 Teacher, RE Lead
Annick McLinden MSI Teacher (part-time)
Kate Meade Key Stage 3 Teacher (part-time)
Zoey Merrick Early Years Teacher
Robyn Murphy Key Stage 1 Teacher
Lauren Orchard Key Stage 4 & 5 Manager / 14-19 Teacher
Jenny Reid-Lees Manager of MSI, Science and Outdoor Learning Lead
Helen Schneider PE Teacher / PE Lead / Educational Visits Coordinator
Gavin Smith MSI Teacher
Lucy Vokes Key Stage 1 Teacher
Bernie Watson 14-19 Teacher (part-time)
Simon Wilding 14-19 Teacher, PSHE Lead
Lori Wilson Key Stage 2 Teacher, MFL Lead
Heather Woodward 14-19 Teacher (part-time)




Jo Barnes Learning Interventions (English)
Ben Cradock Arts / Technology Support
Pamela Hastings Swimming Instructor
Maria Harding Key Stage 1 / 2
Fleur James Key Stage 3
Judi Newman Communication / Speech and Language Assistant / Makaton Trainer
Julie Rogers MSI Unit




Jackie Dunnett Swimming Pool Assistant
Sandra Kallitsakis Fundraising Coordinator (part-time)
Caroline Lane Data Protection Officer of Federation (part-time)
Loretta Lynch Speech and Language Therapist (part-time)
Amanda Needle Support for Communication and Physiotherapy
Kate Thompson Family Worker (part-time)
Donna Turner Support for Pupils who are unable to attend and family support
Claire Williams Swimming Pool Assistant (part-time)




Christine Anderson Teaching Assistant
Abeda Aslam Teaching Assistant
Maz Aslam Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit
Vanessa Attewell Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit (part-time)
Denise Audley Teaching Assistant
Jane Avon Teaching Assistant
Debbie Beresford Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Debbie Boyett Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Lesley Bryant Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Bernie Buller Teaching Assistant
Stuart Camplin Teaching Assistant
Sarah Clarke Teaching Assistant
Amanda Clements Teaching Assistant
Aldo Carola Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit
Merissa Connolly Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit
Maria Crawford Teaching Assistant (part-time)

Sue Curzey

Tracey Edwards

Teaching Assistant / Manual Handling Team

Teaching Assistant

Simone Farrelly-Elliott

Teaching Assistant

Janet Fereday Teaching Assistant
Grant Freeman Teaching Assistant
Aston Graham Teaching Assistant / Manual Handling Team (part-time)
Anne Groarke Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit
Donna Goddard Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit
Louise Hancocks Teaching Assistant
Ria Harrison-Bate Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Fiona Haslam Teaching Assistant
Donna Hayes Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit
Kirsty Hunt Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Stacey Jukes Teaching Assistant
Fouzia Kauser Teaching Assistant 
Kerry Kennedy Teaching Assistant
Debbie Leaver Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Pam Maddocks Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Barry Male Teaching Assistant / Manual Handling Team
Adrian Mogg Teaching Assistant
Dale Mogg Teaching Assistant
Glenda Morris Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Mandy O’Donnell Teaching Assistant
Julie O’Rourke Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Maisie Parker Teaching Assistant
Sally Pearson Teaching Assistant
Melissa Perry Teaching Assistant
Diane Pinner Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit (part-time)
Sue Podraza Teaching Assistant
Mona Ramadam Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit
Lynne Robbins Teaching Assistant
Sheena Rowley Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit (part-time)
Karen Sanders Teaching Assistant
Kim Simkin Teaching Assistant
Patricia Smith Teaching Assistant
Robert Smith Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Di Smyth Teaching Assistant
Blake Spencer Teaching Assistant
Lauren Tate Teaching Assistant
Natasha Taylor Teaching Assistant
Rosina Thorn Teaching Assistant
Kelly Tovey Teaching Assistant – MSI Unit
Wendy Turner Teaching Assistant
Jenny Weate Teaching Assistant (part-time)
Rachel West Teaching Assistant
Brian Whitter Teaching Assistant / Manual Handling Team




Chris Seaton Cover Supervisor
Louise Toal Cover Supervisor (part-time)




Josie Baker LTS
Deanna Colley LTS
Merissa Connolly LTS
Dawn Coyne LTS
Amanda Dipple LTS
Deborah Eagleston LTS
Fiona Evans LTS
Ruth Fenly LTS
Joyce Fraser LTS
Adele Groce LTS
Julie Gunn LTS
Rachel Hughes LTS
Sue Miller LTS
Tracey Mogg LTS
Jo Jo Njdurh LTS
Lia Okbeab LTS
Keston Power LTS
Louise Robertson LTS
Rebecca Stewart LTS
Jenny Walsh LTS
Sue Weldon LTS
Yvonne Whyte LTS
Gill Williams LTS
Rupert Williams LTS
Faye Young LTS




Caron Allen Personal Care Assistant 
Cathy Oates Personal Care Assistant (part-time)
Clare Booth Personal Care Assistant
Sharon Pearson Personal Care Assistant
Andrea Tell Personal Care Assistant (part-time)
Aaron Thompson Personal Care Assistant
Lenin Villacreses Personal Care Assistant




Tyra Brasenell Finance Officer
Clare Broadbelt Federation Human Resources Manager
Kirsty Davis Administrative Assistant (HR/Finance) (part-time)
Kay Griffiths Receptionist
Jayne Griffiths Office Manager (part-time)
Allison Tilson Senior Secretary
Sarah Trueman-Jones Administrative Assistant (HR/Finance) (part-time)




John Leadbeater ICT Manager




Danny Mills

Site Manager
Paul Creevy Building Services Manager
Neil Flood Site Manager (Federation)
Shaun Talbot Building Services Manager
Amanda Dipple Laundry Assistant (part-time)




Linda Snape Cleaning Supervisor (part-time)
Tracey Farrell Cleaner (part-time)
Sharon Mellon Cleaner (part-time)
Susan Merricks Cleaner (part-time)
Ivie Oumba Cleaner (part-time)
Shazeem Parveen Cleaner (part-time)
Mary Payne Cleaner (part-time)
Shirley Smith Cleaner (part-time)
John Bird Cleaner (part-time)
John Street Cleaner (part-time)
Lucy Sylvester Cleaner (part-time)
Sean Vaughan Cleaner (part time)