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After May Half-term

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week and early next week, teachers will be calling you to ask what your needs will be after May half term in terms of children returning to school. Special Schools have been instructed to continue prioritising children for attendance on the basis of vulnerability and need. Special Schools are not required to give priority to any particular year group. We are not able to open to large numbers of pupils as not all of our staff are available and we have to maintain social distancing as far as possible in the school. Therefore, it is probable that pupils needing to return may be offered part-time placement rather than 5 full days per week except for those children whose parents are keyworkers, and those who have the highest level of need to be at school. We will continue to provide home learning activities on the website.

The teacher you speak to will not be able to promise a place at school;they will pass all information on to the senior leadership team who will consider the applications and prioritise offer of a place after May half term.


I know that the last 7 weeks have been very hard and many are feeling anxious and vulnerable. Thank you for your flexibility in keeping children at home to keep them safe.