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Working Together for Success


Communicating by Phone with school staff

As staff are mostly working from home, when they call you, it may come up as "Unknown Number". Please answer these calls as we may have important information to discuss with you.

Please understand that school staff , although working from home, should still be able to enjoy non-work time. With his in mind, please restrict your phone calls and emails to normal business hours 0830-4.00pm weekdays, but not on Friday 8 May 2020 which is a bank holiday for VE day.

For safeguarding concerns, the DSL phone is available at all times.

We have a statutory responsibility to check that all pupils are safe and well when we are not seeing them at school. Please don't be offended if a member of school staff phones you on a weekly basis and asks how things are going. This is  done to ensure that our pupils remain safe and well.