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COVID Uppdate

We now have 9 positive COVID cases at Victoria - 2 pupils and 7 staff.

They are all contained within 2 bubbles: MSI and a bubble of 2 14-19 classes: LOR and LJA.

2 Bus routes are also cancelled with pupils, drivers and guides self-isolating as the 2 children had each travelled to school on transport on Friday.


Public Health England (West Midlands) advice continues to be that because all positive cases are within the 2 isolated bubbles, we do not need to take further actions other than to deep clean the classrooms and shared spaces that these classes have used.


Interestingly, the range of symptoms has been diverse and not the usually recognised COVID symptoms. One child is completely asymptomatic. Fortunately, none seem to have severe symptoms.


I am very grateful to the office staff at Victoria who have been absolutely magnificent in keeping records of affected individuals, close contacts and isolation dates as well as contacting parents to explain why their child needs to isolate.