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Free School Meal Vouchers and Easter Planning

Dear parents and carers,

The Senior Leadership team has today been working hard to set up the new scheme for FSM vouchers for eligible families. We seem to have had success at last in securing the e-vouchers and will get the posted vouchers out as soon as possible.

Thank you to all families for your endeavours to keep your children safe at home, especially given that many of them come into the category of being especially clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 because of their underlying health conditions. For all people in this category, the advice is to self-isolate for 4 months.


You have all told us that you are able to keep your children safe at home throughout the Easter break. There continue to be lots of great activity and learning ideas on the school website, if you are looking for educational activities to keep your youngsters busy during the Easter holiday. Many museums, zoos and other organisations have also posted educational information and activities too, so do make use of them. Also remember that you have access to Twinkl and Education City.


We will review the situation on school opening after Easter, based on the needs of vulnerable children who might be safer at school than at home, and the children of workers classified as essential to the Coronavirus response , who are unable to make other arrangements for care.


This is a strange new Coronavirus-dominated world and it is our collective responsibility to reduce the spread of infection through staying at home, not engaging in non-essential travel, respecting social distancing, self-isolating as recommended and shielding the vulnerable from exposure to the virus. AND we must all continue to wash our hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water.


Many people find this a very anxious time. We understand that you may be under real pressure with the children at home whilst trying to do your jobs, perhaps remotely, and potentially caring for  and shielding other vulnerable relatives or neighbours. Unfortunately, some of you will be poorly yourselves, and this makes it a stressful time. Do please take time to rest, relax, eat well, exercise moderately and engage in fun activities. Keep your social connections alive by phone and internet and seek help if you need it. You can still contact the school if you need to and we will be in touch  with you to determine need after Easter. This will certainly be a very different easter holiday, but you can still think about Easter Egg hunts at home, making Easter decorations, baking hot cross buns or having a picnic in the garden. I hope you all find ways to make it enjoyable.