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Full School re-opening in September

The 2019-2020 school year has now come to an end. It has been a most unusual year because of Coronavirus, and we are sorry that children have not been able to celebrate their end-of-year assemblies, their Prom (although the virtual Prom was magnificent!) and the many other special activities that usually mark year's end. I pay tribute to you as parents and carers for all your hard work in caring for and educating your children with remote lessons from the school or via the internet, or around part-time school attendance. I pay tribute too to all of our teachers and support staff - both educational and non-educational, who have kept the school functioning throughout this difficult time.


\in accordance with government requirements, the school will re-open to all pupils in September. The first day of attendance for returning pupils and new pupils in year 1 and above, will be Thursday 3rd september. New Nursery and Reception children will have been given their first attendance date.


School is from 9am to 3pm. Children can arrive from 8.50am. Parents collecting children in the afternoon are asked to arrive at 3.20pm.


The School Transport Service will be operating as normal.


We will have additional hygiene precautions in place with extra cleaning, hand sanitisers and frequent hand-washing in place. Classes have been arranged in "bubbles" to minimise contact between groups. We will maintain social distancing as mush as possible and staff working with children for personal care will wear PPE.


You can help us y having only one adult accompany children into school and by clearing the foyer area as quickly as possible. Please observe social distancing if needing attention at the school office. Please wash your children's hands before they leave for school in the morning and as soon as they get home.


Your child MUST NOT ATTEND school if they have any illness or Coronavirus symptoms. If they become ill at school, you will be required to collect them as soon as possible.


The situation continues to change rapidly and I will keep you informed as the situation changes.


If you have been loaned laptops or iPads from school, please return them on the first day of your child's attendance.


We look forward to welcoming all our pupils back in September!