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Home to School Transport - Allowance for Parents





I am writing to you during very difficult times for families and their children during the Covid pandemic.


Providing the home to school transport provision during these times is also challenging especially because there is reduced capacity on the vehicles to ensure that we can maintain social distancing and that children can travel safe and keep safe.  As more children start to attend school this summer term, we may encounter capacity difficulties in terms of vehicles, drivers and guides. We will of course reinstate transport as soon as possible ensuring that all risk and safety measures are in place for the children.


To help us with this problem I am writing to ask if any parents would like to volunteer to transport their child to and from school and receive a fuel allowance to cover the costs. The allowance is 0.45p per mile for two return journeys to and from school e.g. home to school is 6 miles each way, allowance is 4x 6 = 24 miles = £10.80 per day. If you take up this offer and volunteer it will not affect your statutory rights to transport provision and that the transport will be reinstated at your request, please give at least one weeks’ notice. The allowance may also be reviewed if new vehicle capacity becomes available. All the temporary arrangements will be reviewed at the end of the summer term.


I thank you in advance of any assistance you may offer.  If you would like to volunteer, please complete the form below and return it to


Yours sincerely




Mark Hudson

SEND Transport Manager






Mark Hudson

SEND Transport Manager

Education & Skills Directorate

Travel Assist

PO Box 16541


B2 2DD


Telephone: 0121 303 4955