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The Rainbow Hour and Books

This Rainbow booklet has been designed as part of the Black Country Rainbow Hour Campaign which seeks to provide all children and young people with access to one hour of wellbeing and physical activity each day. This booklet provides a range of wellbeing and physical activities.

This booklet will be updated regularly with new activities for each of the 7 rainbow strands. Fielding & Striking Activities Ball Skill Activities Move More Activities Outdoor & Nature Activities Mental Wellbeing & Mindfulness Activities Personal Challenges and Multi Skills Activities Themed Celebration and Creative Activities Red Fielding and Striking Activities Orange Ball Skills Activities Yellow Move More Activities Green Outdoor Activities Blue Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness activities Indigo Personal Challenges/Multi Skills Activity Violet Themed Celebration and Creative Activities All activities within this Rainbow Booklet follow the concept of the 3C’s and are deliverable whilst following national guidance around social distancing: • Allowing Communication (helping with healing and coping). • Consistently applied to support young people’s need for routine and consistency. • Activities that give pupils a sense of Control which prevents them from being consumed by emotional reactions.