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Update on school re-opening from 4 January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,
The Unison union has recommended to its members that they should not attend their workplace tomorrow because of health and safety concerns (the rapid rise in COVID infections, especially the new variant strain). The NEU has also reminded members of their statutory right not to attend work if they feel the workplace in unsafe.
GMB, NAHT.and ASCL have NOT told members to stay away from work but rather encouraged them to attend to provide schooling for vulnerable pupils and children of Keyworkers.
The Department for Education continues to instruct Special Schools to open tomorrow for all pupils.
Only 2 staff have so far indicated their intention not to attend tomorrow. However, we also have several staff who are still recovering from COVID or who are self-isolating because they have contracted COVID or live in a household with someone who has tested positive.
This may lead to staff shortages and possible closures or partial closures in the future. However, for now, we are planning to open as normal.