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Voluntary survey for parents and carers of 11-15 year olds about home learning

The University of Warwick is launching an online survey exploring the experiences of parents and carers and teachers of young people aged 11-15 with learning and teaching from home during COVID-19 lockdown, the practicalities of doing so and the impact this may be having on their mental health and emotional wellbeing. A better understanding of the experiences and challenges arising from school closures will be extremely useful and informative and help us provide better support for families and teaching staff in these unprecedented circumstances.


If you are interested in participating, please click on this COV-ED Survey Link which will take you to the survey site:


Here you will be able to view a downloadable information sheet which will give you further details of the survey and what it will involve for you. Once you have read the information sheet, you will be able to give your consent to take part and start the survey.


There are two surveys, one for parents/carers and one for teachers. Participants who are both a parent/carer and a teacher are welcome to complete both surveys. The surveys are
completely online and should take no more than 15-minutes each to complete. You will not have to meet with any researchers and no identifiable data will be collected. Results from the survey will be available once the survey has been closed and data has been analysed.


Many thanks for your time,
The COV-ED Study Team – University of Warwick